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Understanding Investing

Over the last few decades, the investment world has changed considerably.  No longer do the bulk of investors pore over the financial section of the newspaper tracking the trading values of companies they believe in.  Instead, as more and more industries and companies "come to market" seeking investor funding, trading in companies has become an increasingly complex endeavor with a multitude of investment vehicle options - often with each more confusing than the last.  

At Redwing Financial, we are committed to making sure that our clients and those who consult with us have a complete understanding of anything into which they might place their hard-earned dollars.  We firmly believe that if someone does not understand a particular investment - along with the risks, liquidity details, benefits, costs, and investment methodology - they should not own it.  Further, once an investment is made, subsequent reviews are centered not only on performance of those investments, but also on revisiting the details of those investments.  

It is our belief that investing should be done to fund very specific goals, which may be personal (i.e., saving for college, a down payment on a home or to fund retirement cash flow), professional (i.e., investing in the infrastructure or financial security of the employees of your business), or even societal (i.e., investing in progressive or meaningful industries in which you strongly believe or avoiding those to which you are strongly opposed).  In defining these goals, we feel that individuals are more likely to connect with their investments and become more comfortable with the reasonable timeframes associated with holding certain investments.  

If you have an investment goal you would like to discuss or currently own an investment you do not fully understand, please feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.  


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