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Business Planning and Coaching

Whether you are looking to start a business, streamline your existing business, expand your business or develop something new altogether, Redwing Financial offers coaching for both individuals and teams, as well as for the entire firm, to seek to attain any number of personal and professional goals.  

Business planning may include monthly accountability and will include the delivery of a full plan containing contingencies, additional options, checkpoints and step-by-step guidance,  There will be a minimum of five meetings per annual engagement; subsequent annual engagements can be renewed at 75% of the original plan fee, provided the scope of plan services does not increase significantly.  Pricing is based upon the complexity and structure of the business, the type of planning required, the size of the business and the state of the company at the time of the initial engagement.  Services may include, but not be limited to:

Initial consultation

Review of goals and direction

Assessment of current cash flow and in-depth review of deductions/expenses

Review of P&Ls with a qualified business-planning CPA of your choosing

Marketing and  business growth strategy review; brainstorming sessions

Executive coaching

Interviewing skills coaching

Development of job descriptions and hiring strategies

Staff enrichment and team-building

Leadership coaching

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