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Our Advocacy Mission

We are dedicated to the best interests of not only our clients, but to all individuals.  We feel that it is our responsibility to do our part in raising the integrity of the financial industry, and for us, that means providing consumer advocacy resources for all types of financial advice, whether that involves planning strategies, home mortgages and refinances, liquid or illiquid investment vehicles, time share properties, insurance products, or even client service modalities and fees. 

If an individual feels they are being pressured into making a hasty financial decision or that they have been given insufficient information or guidance on which to base an informed choice, our doors are open for an objective assessment or professional "second opinion." There is never an obligation to work with Redwing Financial prior to or following any assessment, and you will never be subjected to bait-and-switch sales tactics. 

We understand that sales people are not always concerned with the financial well-being of those to whom they are selling and that oftentimes, high-pressure sales tactics can lead an individual to make a decision they ultimately come to regret.  In the event that happens, we feel it is important to have a resource to which to turn in order to receive non-judgmental advice on how to recover from a decision made in haste, without sufficient information, or under the pressure of a sales situation. 

Please reach out for a free, confidential consultation. 

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