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Personal Finances

You are working hard to earn a living and even harder to plan for your future, and perhaps now you find yourself looking for guidance from someone capable of understanding where you are in life - financially, educationally, professionally, and even emotionally. 

We have been there.  We have navigated the financial and emotional ups and downs of life, work and education and what we have learned through experience, we are prepared to share as a means of seeking to make the lives of others less complicated or more fulfilling.  

Unlike so many financial firms, at Redwing Financial, we do not use complex industry jargon and statistical terminology to outline our philosophies, rationales, methodologies or recommendations.  We feel that using unfamiliar industry terms is often a tactic aimed at making the business of your personal and professional finances seem incomprehensibly complex. While we do acknowledge that we live in a world where you can hire someone to do virtually anything for you, we feel strongly that that does not mean you should not understand what you are buying, whether that is a plan, a product or an education.  To that end, we seek to ensure that every person who engages with Redwing Financial fully understands the how, what and why behind everything we do.  

If there is a fee for something we do, we tell you.  We put our fees in writing and give you time to think about your decision, so you have the ability to ask questions - either until you feel comfortable with moving forward, or until you feel equipped with sufficient information to seek and analyze a second opinion.  

Personal finances should not be shrouded in mystery.  They are a means to understanding, funding and living your best possible life.  If you would like to learn more about how we seek to empower our clients with respect to the various aspects of their personal financial life, please feel free to reach out.  


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