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At Redwing Financial, our investment team adheres to a classic, disciplined, institutional-style approach to asset management, focused on seeking long-range, consistent average returns across various investment objectives and risk tolerances.  We believe in taking on the least amount of risk necessary in seeking to achieve a client's goals, while keeping within the comfort level of the individual's actual risk tolerance.  

Rather than basing a client's risk tolerance on a standardized industry questionnaire aimed at pigeon-holing an investment objective, our investment team engages clients in a discussion with respect to their idea and understanding of risk and how that translates to market volatility, the timing of their current and future financial goals, the likelihood of attaining those goals, and their current and future needs for liquidity - or more specifically, cash. 

Once investment objectives, timeframes for reaching those objectives, savings strategies, liquidation strategies, and indeed a true risk tolerance are determined, our investment team uses that personalized data to craft short-, mid- and long-term investment strategies on which to base current and future investment allocations which are outlined in an investment policy statement provided to the client.  As markets can sometimes become tumultuous and volatile, it is vital, in our opinion, to have a clearly understood plan in place to help prevent the likelihood of making reactionary, emotional investment decisions.  


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