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Insurance Assessments

As a general rule, one major component considered in the design of every financial plan, regardless of the advisor or firm designing the plan, is insurance - this may include various types of insurance, including life term/whole/variable policies, umbrella policies, disability insurance, long term care, and so on.  

If you find that every time you engage with an advisor, you are being asked to consider purchasing or changing your coverage, it might be in your best interest to request an independent insurance assessment.  For the reasonable fee of $25 per policy, we will review the types of coverage you have in place, the frequency of their being changed, the pros and cons of your current and any proposed policies, the fees associated with owning your current and proposed policies (including any surrender charges should you elect to move forward with a proposed policy), and even provide feedback on the necessity and applicability of various policies to your personal or professional life.  

Upon review, we will walk you through how each of your policies work, what the costs are to you (including not only premiums but internal operating costs), when you might elect to utilize benefits, the impacts and effects of exercising benefits on ongoing coverage, and whether there is potential market risk that may adversely affect your insurance benefits in the short or longer term.   

If you feel you would benefit from an independent review of your existing policies, please contact us to schedule an assessment.  

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