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Setting goals for yourself not only gives you a clearer picture of what you hope to achieve in the future, but also provides you with a framework in which to make all manner of life-altering decisions.  Whether those consist of which classes will best prepare you for a career in your chosen field, or how much to set aside for the down payment on your future lake home, knowing what you plan to do in all aspects of your life and how those goals will need to be woven together, again, will help prepare you for a full and hopefully enjoyable life. 

When setting goals for the future, it is important to consider not only one goal at a time, but rather all of your goals - personal, professional, social, education, and indeed financial - simultaneously, as life does not generally progress one goal at a time, and as such, goals should generally be planned, funded and executed much in the same manner for a greater likelihood of success.

At Redwing Financial, we look to actively engage in conversations about your goals, and have  developed an outside-the-box approach to helping our clients - and even their kids - explore what they want and what may be possible.


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