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Get Financially Organized

At Redwing Financial, we have found one of the biggest hurdles our clients face in getting and staying on track financially is getting and staying organized.  As such, we have devised a deliverable system of organization and offer not only a drop-off service with post-organizational education on staying organized, but additionally provide DIY workshops wherein clients are empowered to develop their own system of organization and leave the workshop with a full set of workable files. 

Our drop-off organizational program is priced based on the expected time commitment and cost of materials to create the system for each individual, household or business, and includes the following services:

  • Initial Consultation. In this meeting, we will discuss with you the scope of your organizational needs, assess the amount of paperwork and structure in need of creation and determine any ongoing, post-engagement needs. 

  • Bespoke File Build.  We will create and populate your files for you according to the look and feel you like, preparing them to fit neatly into your personal or business filing cabinets.

  • Filing System Design.  Once your files have been created, it will be important that you and/or your family/staff know how to continue to maintain the files in the way they have been established, so we create a written filing instruction guide, custom-tailored to your files. 

  • Budget Development. Once you are organized, we additionally offer, as part of the organizational package, the opportunity to work with our financial professionals to develop a personal budget and either a paper or electronic method of staying on track. 

  • Shredding Service.  As an extra measure of ensuring your ongoing security, we provide access to bulk shredding service, done on-site at the time of your meeting, so you have an immediate assurance it is complete.

  • Tax Paperwork. We are not tax professionals, but we work closely with them, and as such, we seek to offer a method of compiling, organizing and maintaining your tax records (inclusive of receipts, important financial papers, historical returns, quarterly payment stubs, etc.) intended to minimize the burden and time spent with your CPA or other tax professional. 

If you prefer a Do-It-Yourself approach to getting organized but feel you would benefit from our coaching, please refer to the Events tab for upcoming Organizational Workshops. 

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