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Early Plan: Getting Launched

Whether for yourself or for your child, it is important to feel empowered and enabled to live your best life and to do so with financial know-how, security and confidence.  This plan program is designed to help an individual grow towards that confidence within the framework of their own personalized set of life goals.  This plan is ideal for a high school student entering a focused trade program, a college student embarking on their professional life, and anyone looking to transition from one life phase to another - whether 16 or 60.  

Launch planning may include monthly accountability and will include the delivery of a full professional resume with sample cover letters aimed at attaining a job in the individual's field of choice.  There will be four meetings; additional meetings will incur additional charges.  Services may include, but not be limited to:

Initial consultation

Development of New Life startup budget

Debt resolution strategies

Strategies for building up the credit score

Drafting the professional resume and developing references

Development of professional internet networking presence

Planning for the next phase and what to do when the money starts rolling in


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