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Thinking about when you or your loved one will pass is generally not something addressed in advance.  Consider, however, that when that time comes, having a set plan in place will provide the survivors and heirs with a clear map of what needs to be done, what you (or they) would have wanted, and a way to ensure that nothing is lost or forgotten in the process.  Trying to figure things out while actively grieving is challenging at best, and can certainly prove devastating in some cases.  Life does not stop or even mercifully slow down in the wake of someone's passing, so having a plan in place for that day can make the business of settling the estate smoother and less stressful.  

Estate settlement planning will occur over three meetings, not including the "family meeting;" no additional charges are assessed for the family meeting. Services may include, but not be limited to:

Initial consultation

Insurance and asset location review

Review of beneficiaries, trusts and wills

Discussion and plan creation for funeral services

Discussion and review of final wishes

Estate/asset settlement process development and review with future executor

Family Meeting with all designated heirs, if desired, to ensure clarity in final wishes

Development and delivery of family's lifestyle continuity plan (what to do when the individual passes)

Big Plan: Estate Settlement

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