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Unfortunately, not every fairytale wedding has a happy ending; and, irrespective of the reasons for the divorce, separating from your significant other will impact your life considerably, and in countless ways.  Managing the impact the divorce has on your financial life, while not entirely predictable, is one component of the process that can potentially be worked through with less emotion and which may serve to provide you with the best possible plan for a re-launch of your new life. There are a number of ways to reduce and control costs in a divorce, and to seek to ensure you find yourself in the best possible frame of mind and financial position once the process is complete. 

Divorce financial planning may include monthly accountability and will include the delivery of a full plan containing contingencies, additional options, checkpoints and step-by-step guidance.  There will be a minimum of five meetings.  Services may include, but not be limited to:

Initial consultation

How and when to hire an attorney and what to pay for a retainer

Discussion of what questions you should ask the attorney and which answers you can find on your own

Development of DIY strategy, for certain tasks, geared towards minimizing legal expenses

Discussion on equitable division of assets; understanding what constitutes equitable (similar liquidity, etc.)

Determination of whether certain assets may be protected from division

Income planning for the duration of child and/or marital support (whether paying or receiving)

Planning and budgeting for adjusted income following support period

Full plan to assess likely impact of divorce expense/maintenance and support/childcare costs on future goals

Determination of when to hire a CPA or other tax professional

Development of strategies to cope and manage the stress without overspending on self-soothing vehicles

Discussions on how to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy through the process

Plan a Divorce

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