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While education planning generally focuses solely on financing higher education for a child, there is much more to consider than simply figuring out how to pay for school.  In fact, planning for education should begin well before the thoughts of which college to attend even come to mind. This plan program works through not only costs and payment strategies, but how to seek to ensure that the "college experience" is right for both the family as well as the child.

Education planning may include monthly accountability and will include the delivery of a full plan containing contingencies, additional options, checkpoints and step-by-step guidance.  There will be a minimum of five meetings.  Services may include, but not be limited to:

Initial consultation

Discussion on whether or not college is the right choice for your child

Career and directional goal-setting and discovery review with your child

Determination of cost share commitment with your child

Development of a responsible student budget 

In-depth look at types of student loans and the impact of those loans on you as well as your child

Impact study on the cost of education to your current and future bottom line

Discussion of current and future cash flow and budgetary needs

Development of a plan to pay for school

Discussion and development of family educational contract

Plan an Education

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