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If ever there was an imaginary finish line to the rat race of life, it would be retirement.  The idea of no longer having to live in the constraints of your daily routine, and instead to develop new routines based on your new personal freedom, is appealing to many, if not all.  However, planning for retirement often feels like looking into the abyss and creates more stress for individuals than comfort and excitement.  Prior to retirement, what you do on a daily basis, how you earn and receive your income, and even who you are, seem fairly clear.  When considering a life where each of these things is uncertain, it can be helpful to walk through a series of scenarios and exploratory conversations with an experienced planner who has helped numerous individual transition into a well-designed retirement.  This plan process is not solely about funding your cash flow needs, but also about how your retired life will look and feel.

Retirement planning may include monthly accountability and will include the delivery of a full plan containing contingencies, additional options, checkpoints and step-by-step guidance.  There will be a minimum of five meetings per annual engagement; if additional meetings are needed during the year, no additional charges are assessed. Following the initial annual engagement, additional annual planning may be contracted at a reduced fee level.  Services may include, but not be limited to:

Initial consultation

Discussion of timing of retirement

Discussion of individual, joint and family goals

Discussion of health care costs and needs - both current as well as future/ongoing

Discussion of insurance coverage; full review and assessment of existing policies

Exploration of What Retirement Looks Like from a lifestyle perspective

Assessment of household cash flow and development of workable retirement budget

In-depth review of social security income options and timing

Review of outstanding debts/creation of aggressive paydown strategy/coordination of payment plans

Development of multiple cash flow/income options and subsequent pros/cons discussion for each 

Development of plan for unforeseen emergencies or unplanned expenses

Development of end-of-life plan 

Big Plan: Retirement

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