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Buying a home, whether your first or your fifth, is a significant commitment - of not only your finances, but also your time and energy.  When buying a home, many people begin the process by hiring a realtor, rather an contacting their financial advisor or someone who can help walk them through the true financial impact of owning a home, both in terms of current as well as future financial needs.  There's considerably more to owning a home than simply qualifying for a mortgage.  

Home purchase planning will occur over three meetings; additional meetings will incur additional charges.  Services may include, but not be limited to:

Initial consultation

Review of goals and direction

Assessment of current cash flow and savings strategy

Building your emergency fund

Determination of how much house you can and truly should afford

Determination of how much home you reasonably need

Development of home ownership startup budget

Understanding home maintenance, the costs, and when to consider moving

Early Plan: Buying a Home

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