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One of the primary things couples of all types and ages tend to argue about, is money; which is why, when embarking on a lifetime commitment with your significant other, it is important to have a meaningful discussion about goals, priorities, as well as perhaps deep-seated thoughts and feelings as they relate to finances - for each of you.  Starting out on the same page will go a long way to engaging in successful conversations surrounding money in the future, and will help each person understand where the other is coming from.  Planning a wedding together is often the first major joint financial series of decisions a couple will make together, and so it is important to have a frank and meaningful discussion of each of those financial decision components, in an unbiased, nurturing environment.  

Wedding planning will occur over three meetings; additional meetings will incur additional charges.  Services may include, but not be limited to:

Initial consultation

Discussion of individual and joint goals and direction

Review of individual and joint cash flow 

Setting and sticking to the budget

Discussion on how to optimize available dollars

Discussion on turning dollars saved into dollars saved

Considering what to do with financial gifts received

Plan a Wedding

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