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While the saying goes, "if you wait until you can afford to have a child, you never will," there is a considerable amount of work that can be done in the discussion stages to prepare financially for the expense of having and raising a child.  Planning involves more than simply determining the costs of formula or diapers and instead will center on not just the birth and infancy of your new bundle of joy, but on the impact of this new family member on your time, your energy levels, your patience, and indeed, your budget.  

Early family planning may include monthly accountability and will include the delivery of a full plan containing contingencies, additional options, checkpoints and step-by-step guidance.  There will be a minimum of four meetings.  Services may include, but not be limited to:

Initial consultation

Review of goals and direction

Review of family cash flow - both now as well as after the baby comes

Review of insurance coverage

Discussion of parenting responsibilities and breadwinner roles

Contingency planning: how to handle short- and long-term dramatic/unexpected changes (including loss of income)

Understanding the real costs of having and raising a child

Development of a household operating budget

Early Plan: Funding a Family

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