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Redwing Financial

Welcome to Redwing Financial.  Once you read our philosophy below, please get to know us here.

At Redwing Financial, our approach is to lead with learning - learning first about the people who put their confidence in us.  We spend a great deal of time listening to and getting to know our clients, not only because we value them as individuals, but because it helps us gain a clearer understanding of how they think, what they find most important in their lives, and where their passions lie. 

We enjoy working with clients who recognize the value in the knowledge we possess and who are looking not to simply be told what to do, but rather would like to be educated on and to participate in, to whatever extent they choose, making confident, well-informed decisions that will impact their immediate and future lives.  This can range from developing a strong work ethic, to systematically and aggressively paying off student loans, to planning for a family, to looking towards financially managing retirement and beyond.  Through our tenure in the industry, we have enjoyed working with thousands of individuals, each with their own unique set of circumstances, and rather than looking to sell a product to fulfill their needs, we instead always seek to add value to their lives. 

We do not have a "typical" client.  Our clients include high school and college students seeking targeted knowledge on how to navigate their budding financial lives; young couples looking to finance cost-conscious and beautiful weddings; business owners just getting started, as well as those looking to build or act on a succession plan; families facing the financial and emotional hardships of a devastating illness or chronic health condition; individuals seeking input on how and when to retire; and even senior citizens living on income-generating assets who are simply looking to stay on top of current economic trends and events. 

We believe that everyone is entitled to and benefits from sound, professional financial advice and support.  To that end, unlike many investment firms, we do not prequalify clients by their investment knowledge, financial history or their investable net worth.  We feel that wealth is not determined by a preset dollar amount, but rather begins with understanding the value of a hard-earned dollar which has been set aside to grow not only for the individual, but for the generations that follow.  Multi-generational wealth is passed on with core values, education, responsibility and discipline, and at Redwing Financial, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to build their own financial legacy.

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